Footsteps In The Fog: Reviews

Footsteps In The Fog: Alfred Hitchcock's San Francisco
By Jeff Kraft and Aaron Leventhal
Foreword By Patricia Hitchcock O'Connell
Santa Monica Press (October 2002)

Below are reviews the book has received:

Peter Travers, Rolling Stone
"Jeff Kraft and Aaron Leventhal make it great fun to play lost-and-found in Htichcock's San Francisco. The book they've create is unique, haunting, and indispensable."

Mick LaSalle, San Francisco Chronicle
"Anything that allows you to see classics with fresh eyes is welcome. But Footsteps In The Fog is a particular gem that not only makes Hitchcock alive with the breathing presence of San Francisco -- but makes San Francisco alive with the ghost of Hitchcock movies. The book is a pleasure from start to finish."

Bob Mondello, NPR
"Footsteps In The Fog doesn't just retrace Hitchcock's footsteps entertainingly, and with an eye for details that bring back some of the cinema's most classic chills, it's also an invaluable time capsule. The contrast between what was and what is made me want to book the next flight to California, so I could see Hitchcock's San Francisco for myself before any more of its disappears!"

Kenneth Turan, Los Angeles Times
"As haunting as its evocative title, Footsteps In The Fog shows us exactly what locations the great director used to create what might be the most elegantly spooky vision of an American city ever put on film.

Leonard Maltin, Entertainment Tonight
"Like many people, I'm hooked on the idea of finding famous movie locations in real life. I can't think of a better subject for such a pursuit than Hitchcock and San Francisco."

Jan Wahl, KRON TV/KCRBS Radio
"A fun ride through Hitchcock-land. See the thriller, visit the site!"

Publishers Weekly
"Hithcock fans Jeff Kraft and Aaron Leventhal have assembled a meticulously researched work describing the trail the suspense master blazed through the greater San Francisco Bay Area... The book is an essential part of any Hitchcock fan's collection, and it would be a valuable read for Northern California residents who may not know the pop culture history behind many of their hometown's fixtures."

Chris Watson, Santa Cruz Sentinal
"Footsteps in the Fog... is a well-documented and illustrated feast of cinematic trivia that will please Hitchcock fans the world over, especially those in Northern California."